Fatemah Albuloshi

Fatemah Albuloshi



College: The Business School
Discipline: Leadership
Department: Organisation Studies

Current research: My research looks into leadership dynamics in an International Human Rights Based Organisation. I am particularly interested in leadership dialectics/ leader-follower dynamics / identity & self concept. Reflexivity and ethnography are the main methodological approaches in my work. 

Research interest: Leadership, Leader-Follower agency, Ethnography, Reflexivity, Narrative Analysis, Cultural Diversity, Social Identitiy Theory, Internartional Organization Management, Translation in research methodology.

  Background information: I have earned a bachelor degree in Islamic Law (1995), then a post graduate diploma in Islamic Jurisprudence (Al-Figh wa Osoolah) from Al-Imam University, KSA (1999).   I completed my master degree in Translation and Interpreting (Arabic/English/Arabic) – from American University of Sharjah, UAE ‘My research was on Language and Culture in Business Communication (English/Arabic)’. (2006-2008)   Shortly after completing my Master degree I worked as an adjunct lecturer in the American University of Sharjah, UAE and conducted two courses: Introduction to translation (English-Arabic-English)   Readings in Arabic Heritage (pre-Islamic and Islamic periods)   Following that I conducted a 10 month internship at United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO /  Headquarters – Paris) in Arabic Communication /Translation and Terminology (2009) I followed that by another internship for 3 months as a part of my doctoral field work in Peace and Human Rights Education / Education Sector (2011). I joined University of Exeter in October 2009 and moved to Business School as a PhD student in November 2010 .