Fatima Z. Naveed

Discipline: English
Research Centre/Unit: South Asia Centre

Project Summary

My PhD research is on the All-India Progressive Writers' Association, active in the Indian subcontinent from the 1930s to the late 1970s. My research takes into account the changing landscape of the Indian subcontinent at this time, particularly the impact that the Partition of 1947 had on the literature, culture, and socio-political ideologies of the countries involved. My primary goal is to look at the Progressives as a holistic entity and trace the overlapping themes within their work via cross-genre analysis. This means looking at, alongside poetry and prose, film, personal correspondence, memoirs and various archival materials such as government documents, as well as oral history accounts. My research material is mostly in Urdu and Hindi, and I also look at other texts that are not as popular or widely-read when thinking about the work of the Progressives. 

Supervisory Team

First Supervisor: Dr. Florian Stadtler

Second Supervisor: Dr. Ranita Chatterjee

Wider Research Interests

My research interests centre around postcolonial literatures, particularly work coming out of or with links to South Asia and the Middle East. I also served as the student representative on the South Asia Centre's management board at Exeter. As an undergraduate and postgraduate student, I have previously worked on: American neo-imperialism in the 21st century; the War on Terror; Partition literature; South Asian women's writing.

In accordance with these interests, I co-founded The Tasavvur Collective, alongside PGRs at the University of Edinburgh and the University of St. Andrews, in 2022. We are a consortium of early career researchers interested in the social, historical and literary representation of South Asian Muslims in cultural productions.

Authored Publications/Reports

Fatima Naveed (28th August 2020) Review: Ghazalnama by Maaz Bin Bilal & The Sixth River by Fikr Taunsvi (translated by Maaz Bin Bilal), Wasafiri, Wasafiri, 35:3, 78-99

Fatima Naveed, Dr. Samia Latif, Dr. Jharna Kumbang (1st July 2019) The War of Ideology or The Ideology of War?, Better Health For All: the award-winning blog of the Faculty of Public Health

Fatima Naveed; Nandini Chatterjee; Gajendra Singh (25th March 2021) Connected Classrooms #1: A Project Across Borders, The Education Incubator Blog

Fatima Naveed (26th April 2021) Connected Classrooms #2: April 2021 Workshop, The Education Incubator Blog

Fatima Naveed (10th March 2023) Contextualizing Literary Censorship in Pakistan: The Legacy of Colonial Penal Codes, Discourse, March 2023, 77-79