Faye Rigopoulou

Department: Drama Department
Discipline: Drama

Project Summary

My PhD research looks into the artistic and creative vocal presence of ageing female musical theatre performers and the context within which identities of ageing musical theatre characters are constructed, staged, and articulated in relation to the performers and asks: to what extend these approaches reinforce or resist delineations of ageing female stereotypes?

The study looks particularly in musical theatre case studies from late 20th and early 21st century Anglophone (US and UK) original productions and revivals, and across large scale (Broadway/West-End) and smaller scale (independent British theatrical companies) productions. 

The theoretical framework of the study draws from Fuchs' "Estragement' concept (2014), Age Studies (or Ageing studies- UK), third and fourth wave Feminism, Gender studies, and Voice studies. It proposes an intersectional approach under Crenshaw's and Lykke's work and definition of intersectionality. 

Supervisory Team

First supervisor: Dr Konstantinos Thomaidis https://humanities.exeter.ac.uk/drama/staff/thomaidis/

Second supervisor: Professor Jerri Daboo http://humanities.exeter.ac.uk/staff/daboo