Felipe Do Nascimento Rodrigues

Felipe Do Nascimento Rodrigues



College: College of Humanities
Discipline: Archaeology
Department: Department of Archaeology
Research Centre/Unit: Centre for the Archaeology of the Americas

I am interested in stone tool technology, more specifically on the functional study of these artefacts with an emphasis on Use-Wear analysis. At the moment, I am focused on lithic artefacts from South Brazil, where I employ a methodology with elements of Use-Wear, Experimental Archaeology and Material Sciences to try and understand possible "raw material suitability" based on the mechanical properties of different rocks.

In addition to the core elements of my PhD research, I am also interested in other themes, such as ethnoarchaeology and philosophy of function, which despite not being an active practitioner, have been fundamental on guiding my archaeological praxis.

My research is funded by the College of Humanities International Studentship.