Felix-Christopher von Nostitz



College: College of Social Sciences and International Studies
Discipline: Politics
Department: Politics and International Relations
Research Centre/Unit: Centre for Elections, Media & Participation (CEMaP)

Felix is a PhD research student at the College of Social Science and International studies. He is a member of the Centre for Elections, Media & Participation. Before starting his PhD he completed a MRes in Politics and BA in Economics and Politics with European Studies at the University of Exeter. During autumn term 2014 he was a visiting PhD Fellow at the European School of Political and Social Sciences at the Catholic University of Lille.

For his PhD he is researching the consequences of increase intra-party democracy for party members and leadership in various parties across western European countries. He has been awarded the Strategic Doctoral Studies Scholarship by the University of Exeter.

Felix presented his and collaborative research at numerous international and national conferences: American Political Science Association Annual Meeting, Political Studies Association Annual Conference, European Consortium for Political Research General Conference, International Sociology Association Forum, PoliticologenEtmaal, Association Française de Science Politique Annual Congress, Congrès International des Associations Francophones de Science Politique, European Consortium for Political Research Summer School on “Parties and Democracies”, Seventh Düsseldorf Graduate Conference on Party Research.

In addition to his research for his PhD Felix works as research assistant on Professor Nicole Bolleyer's European Research Council funded 'State Encroachment on Civil Society? A Comparative Study of Parties, Interest Groups and Welfare-Providing Organisations in Contemporary Democracies (STATORG)' project. (http://socialsciences.exeter.ac.uk/regulatingcivilsociety/)

Further he was a research assistant on the completed interdisciplinary research project carry out by Professor Nicole Bolleyer for politics and Dr Thomas Morton for psychology on intra-organisational conflict management. The project was funded by the University of Exeter Humanities and Social Sciences Project Development fund.

Most recently, he also is a research assistant on the British Academy funded project entitled 'Democratic Self-Defence Before and After 9/11' coordinated by Professor Nicole Bolleyer and Anika Gauja (University of Sydney).

He also worked as a Post Graduate Teaching Assistant on Dr Daniel Keith second year model Comparative Politics: Approaches and Concepts. He is an Associate Fellow of the Higher Education Academy and a University of Exeter ASPIRE Associate Fellows. He holds an Advanced Certificate in Learning and Teaching in Higher Education.

Further, Felix held the Student Chair of the Postgraduate Student Staff Liaison Forum in 2013/14 and is the Politics PhD student representative since 2013 until today. In addition he was part of the committee organising the Annual Postgraduate Conference in 2014 and 2015. He is currently the co-organiser of the Post-Graduate Student Seminar Series on Politics and International Relations (https://socialsciences.exeter.ac.uk/politics/research/seminars/pgrseminars/).

He also gained valuable experiences and insights during his internship at the German Bundestag ( April 2010) and his work experience at the Hanns-Siedel-Stiftung Archive and Institute for Political Education (July 2012). Further as part of his National service Felix joined the  German Army and was part of the Mountaineering Unit (July 2007-March 2008).

Recent Work:


with Bolleyer, N, Smirnova V, “Conflict Regulation in Political Parties: An Account of Tribunal Decision-Making”, Party Politics, SAGE Publications (UK and US), 2016, 1-25

with Bolleyer, N., Little C, "Implementing Democratic Equality in Political Parties. Organizational Consequences in the Swedish and the German Pirate Parties", Scandinavian Political Studies, vol. 38, no. 2, 2015, 158-178


with Sandri, G. (forthcoming). “Party Funding and Party Primaries: the role of State Funding (working title)” in Mendilow, J., Phélippeau, É. (eds.) Handbook Of Party Funding. Edward Elgar Publishing: London

Recent Grants Received:

American Political Science Association 2015 Annual Meeting Travel Grant, San Francisco (US)

European Consortium for Political Research Summer School on “Parties and Democracies”2015 Travel Grant, Lüneburg (Germany)

Economic and Social Research Council South West Doctoral Training Centre Collaborative Student Initiative Fund, PGR Seminar Series 2015/16: https://socialsciences.exeter.ac.uk/politics/research/seminars/pgrseminars/