Felix-Christopher von Nostitz

Department: Politics and International Relations
Discipline: Politics
Research Centre/Unit: Centre for Elections, Media & Participation (CEMaP)

Project Summary

Working Title:The Merits and Perils of Intra-Party Democracy: Assessing the Effects of Party Reform in Germany, Italy and France

In the past decade Western Europe has experienced a second wave of intra-party democratisation. However in contrast to the first wave, these reforms substantially reduced the control of the party leadership, empowered members and increased their role in candidate selection and policy formation. Unsurprisingly these reforms have significant consequences for parties, but these effects remain largely unstudied. This project aims to fill this gap in the literature by addressing the consequences of increased intra-party democracy (IPD) for party members and leadership. The project aims to develop a conceptual framework and in a second step apply it to analyse the consequence of increased IPD in a variety of cases in western European Parties countries.

Supervisory Team

First Supervisor: Professor Nicole Bolleyer

Second Supervisor: Dr Gabriel Katz

Wider Research Interests

Party Politics, Theories of Party Organisation and Change, Party Primaries, Intra-Party Democracy, Political Participation and Elections

Authored Publications/Reports


with Bolleyer, N, Smirnova V, “Conflict Regulation in Political Parties: An Account of Tribunal Decision-Making”, Party Politics, SAGE Publications (UK and US), 2016, 1-25

with Bolleyer, N., Little C, "Implementing Democratic Equality in Political Parties. Organizational Consequences in the Swedish and the German Pirate Parties", Scandinavian Political Studies, vol. 38, no. 2, 2015, 158-178


with Sandri, G. (forthcoming). “Party Funding and Party Primaries: the role of State Funding (working title)” in Mendilow, J., Phélippeau, É. (eds.) Handbook Of Party Funding. Edward Elgar Publishing: London