George House

Department: History
Discipline: History
Research Centre/Unit: The Centre for Medieval Studies

Project Summary

PhD Project Summary: The uses of Gregorian eschatology within ecclesiastical apocalyptic literature during the period surrounding the first millennium, c. 950-1050.

Supervisory Team

Prof. Sarah Hamilton & Prof. Simon Barton

Authored Publications/Reports

George House (February 2012) Review: Duelling with the Past: Medieval Authors and the Problem of the Christian Era, c. 990–1135, Verbist, P., Early Medieval Europe, Vol. 20, No. 1 , pp. 108–110.

George House (November 2012) Review: The Munich Computus: Text and Translation. Irish Computistics between Isidore of Seville and the Venerable Bede and its Reception in Carolingian Times, Warntjes, I., Early Medieval Europe , Vol. 20, No. 4 , pp. 487-498.

Faith Wallis () Review: Bede: Commentary of Revelation, Early Medieval Europe