Hannah West



College: College of Humanities
Research Centre/Unit: Centre for Medieval Studies

I am in the final year of my PhD research into the action and reception of the late medieval institutional church in a regional context. This project is funded by the Arts & Humanities Research Council, under the expert supervision of Dr Catherine Rider and Professor Sarah Hamilton.

My research explores the impact of religious houses on pastoral care and pious provision in a provincial town, Bridgwater, and its hinterland villages in rural Somerset. Devotional practice is here surveyed across a wider platform by identifying the ways in which local communities might interact with secular and regular clergy through access to different ecclesiastical institutions. I am particularly interested in the construction and evolution of religious experience in parochial communities across the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries.

My other interests involve facilitating better public access to material and historical evidence of communities over time. I have worked on collaborative projects to bridge the gap between academic research and local heritage. I currently project manage a community garden: the aim of which is to transform a disused yet historic plot of land into a public green space and heritage asset.