Hasnul Djohar

Department: English Literature
Discipline: English
Research Centre/Unit: Humanities Postgraduate School

Project Summary

Her thesis focuses on Diaspora and Culture in Contemporary Arab American Fiction. Her research is addressed primarily within the genre of bildungsroman and approach informed by Postcolonial and Feminist studies. She argues that the bildungsroman does not impose non-European centric to non-European Americans' writings, but explores various cultures, including Arab-American diaspora and context. 

She investigates the works of Contemporary Arab-American writers, particularly Mohja Kahf, Diana Abu-Jaber, Laila Halaby, and Randa Jarrar. By reflecting on how these Arab-American women writers negotiate the genre of bildungsroman in their works, these literary works not only afford a more sophisticated understanding of Arab-American experience but also serve as a timely reminder of other minorities who also struggle as “others” within mainstream societies.

Supervisory Team

Dr. Sinead Moynihan, Department of English

Dr. Florian Stadtler, Department of English

Wider Research Interests

Contemporary Arab-American women's writings: novels, memoirs, and short stories, particularly the works of Mohja Kahf, Diana Abu-Jaber, Shaila Abdullah, Laila Halaby, and Randa Jarrar. 

Authored Publications/Reports

Hasnul Djohar (30th October 2013) “Asian-American Cultures in Children Literature", Character Building

Hasnul Djohar (3rd October 2013) “Arab Diaspora in Diana Abu-Jaber’s Crescent.” , The Journal of Arab Culture

Hasnul Djohar (4th December 2010) “Gender Darkness in Umairoh” , Al-Turas Journal, XV/4

Hasnul Djohar (7th June 2016) , Asean Journal of Education , I/1

Hasnul Djohar (11th April 2015) "The Hegemonic Aristocracy" , Journalism and Mass Communication, V/4