Hayam Mohammed


Telephone: +96566352035 

College: College of Social Sciences and International Studies
Discipline: Education
Department: English
Research Centre/Unit: General Education College

I have aimed throughout my long teaching career to maintain a challenging spirit of enthusiasm and passion despite all adversities. That passion enabled me to provide assistance for the needs of my students. Being in a field that touches hearts and minds in an endless fortune of graceful fulfillment, I have continually experienced the satisfaction of being privileged with the gift of giving. Among many disappointing misfortunes, there comes a host of wonderful experiences that assures the inner call of being on the right path! I have sought during my long journey to empower those whom I teach through continuous engagement and stimulating opportunities. Their empowerment is the fuel of my contribution to educational practice and development directed toward an ultimate purpose of making a difference.The foundations of good teaching to me derive upon setting a role in “knowing” and pursuing possibilities in an infinite cycle of problem solving. The reciprocal relation of being a teacher and a learner reflects the basic theory of knowledge-experience. Enduring learning occurs when it rings a bell somewhere. The epistemological resonance is what underlies the ontological end of enquiry. Instinct, as well as anticipated optimism, leads my life in classes and out of them. Simply put, I came to realize as I interact more and more with my students year after year that I persistently develop participatory methods and collaborative approaches to ignite “knowing”. Not only have these approaches been fruitful on the academic level, but so has self-worth. I try to learn, grow, adapt and respond to diversity and change. I try to provide whatever I can to release students’ minds. I pause and ask for reflection, I pose random questions that implicitly call for ideas, I stimulate that thin line between what is and what should be, and I slowly watch that synthesis development coming in the way. It is a joy to see development and intellectual expansion; it is a joy indeed!