Hayam Mohammed


Telephone: +96566352035 

College: College of Social Sciences and International Studies
Discipline: Education
Department: LAD
Research Centre/Unit: General Education College

I am an EdD student. My research field interest is globalisation and academic identity issues. I assume that undertaking this degree will be an asset to my life on both the professional and the personal levels. Doctoral studies would promote my status, add to my practical teaching experience, provide me with endless critical skills that will definitely improve my career as an educator, not to mention the fact that I am fond of studying and exploring fields connected to my esteemed profession. Being an educator and a mother for almost two decades has formed a certain life perspective which constantly seeks perfection and higher performance standards.  Throughout my life as a teacher and instructor, I have always worked on my potentials, refusing to settle on one level. Giving the rapid growth of development and the racing pace of life, it’s increasingly difficult to stick to fixed standards. Promoting my professional and academic status is relevant to the constant change in my academic role, and also my constant passion for enquiry and research.  Working on a life project is such an enjoyable, benefiting, fulfilling and rewarding experience despite all the demands and difficulties I believe that there is always a better way of doing things. no matter how we believe we reached the utmost of knowledge; there would always be a spot to look forward to.