Hayder Jafari



PhD Research [Currently in progress]

MA Philosophy [2007]

BSc Hons. Computer Science [2001]

Working professionally in the business sector since 2002


College: College of Social Sciences and International Studies

Institute: IAIS


Intellectual Areas of Interest:

> Hermeneutics: Philosophical and Textual

> Qur'anic Scholarship: Modern Qur'an Studies and Sciences

> Tafsir/Exegesis: Classical and Modern Methodologies and Approaches

> Philosophy: Metaphysics of Persons (Personhood), Personal Identity, Selfhood, Philosophy of Mind, and Epistemology

> Theology: Qurʼanic, Historical, Systematic, and Modern Practical

> Computing: Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Object-Orientation, and Relational Database Management Systems