Henry Bartholomew

Department: English
Discipline: English

Project Summary


Theory in the Shadows: Speculative Realism and the Gothic, 1850-1920

Supervisory Team

Professor Nick Groom - University of Exeter

Professor David Punter - University of Bristol 



Wider Research Interests

Literary interests range from 18th to early 20th century fiction and culture, with an emphasis on the legacy and evolution of the Gothic. Philosophical research interests centre on the interconnections and antagonisms between Speculative Realism and various facets of poststructuralism, Deleuzianism, and New Materialism as they pertain to the understanding and interpretation of literary texts.  

Conference Papers: 

Solidarity with the Supernatural: "Dark Ecology" in Algernon Blackwood's Pan's Garden: A Volume of Nature Stories (International Gothic Association - Gothic Hybridities: Interdisciplinary, Multimodal and Transhistorical Approaches - Manchester Metropolitan University, 2018). 

Entangled: EcoGothic, “Environmentality”, and the Space of the Forest in Algernon Blackwood's The Man Whom the Trees Loved (Reimagining the Gothic: Gothic Spaces - University of Sheffield, 2017).

MA Dissertation:  

Form, Being and "Tristram Shandy": Notes Towards a Textual Ontography