Henry Bishop-Wright

Henry Cosmo Bishop-Wright



College: College of Humanities
Discipline: Archaeology
Department: Archaeology/Ancient History

Henry is a current PhD candidate (2018-2021) at the Universities of Exeter and Cardiff. 

Henry's current project considers connectivity between the Meroitic Kingdom and the wider world. He is sponsored by the South, West and Wales Doctoral Training Partnership. 

My research interests focus on what might broadly (but, not necessarily appropriately) be termed the “Roman world”. More specifically, I am interested in those corners of the ancient world that existed outside of the Roman Empire but, in one form or another, interacted with it. In particular, I am attracted to areas on Rome’s periphery which have traditionally received less attention by Romanists. Indeed, whilst my current project considers the Meroïtic Kingdom of modern-day Sudan, I would not wish to restrict myself to solely Northeast Africa in any future endeavours.

Broadly, I would like to avoid considering any one culture in isolation and prefer to take a more general view of the ancient world which, perhaps, does not unduly privilege the importance of the “classical” Mediterranean. Furthermore, I am an advocate of taking a multidisciplinary approach to “doing history”: whilst I have a background in classical civilisations and have also spent time working as a field archaeologist, I would rather not be branded as a student of either camp. Instead, I rather think that, as disciplines, both classics and archaeology have their places and would not wish to be restricted to any single form of evidence or approach.