Hind N. Almutairi



College: College of Social Sciences and International Studies
Discipline: Education
Department: Special Education

At the heart of my academic journey are teaching and learning, as well as the ongoing pursuit of education. It is often the case that I struggle with issues related to my work in special education. Seeking to understand has always brought me back to questions about collaboration among teachers and how to enhance the integration of mainstream and special education to sustain learning and performance levels for all students, including students with disabilities. The question is how teachers from alike yet dissimilar backgrounds are brought together, exchange skillsets, engage in joint efforts, and collaborate to support learning outcomes and achievement levels for students with disabilities. The concept of collaboration has intrigued me for several years. I have often wondered what collaboration really means for teachers in public schools in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


About me:

I am currently a postgraduate student at the University of Exeter in the department of special education; also, I am a faculty member at princess Norah bint Abdulrahman University (PNU), Saudi Arabia in the special education department. In 2005 I received my bachelor degree in special education from King Saud University with second-class honour. Also, the master degree was awarded in the area of special education from the University of Northern Colorado USA in 2009 with a degree of excellence.