Hui-Hua Lu



College: College of Humanities
Discipline: Modern Languages
Department: Translaiton Studies/ Humanities
Research Centre/Unit: Translaiton Studies, Intermediality, Text-Image Relationship

I am currently studying for a PhD in Translation Studies. My first supervisor is Dr Ting Guo, and my second supervisor is Dr Eliana Maestri. My research focuses on text-image relationship in translation.

I have given presentations at PGR and international conferences. I presented a paper titled 'Le petit prince is an English native speaker? : The impact of English as lingua franca to the translation of Le Petit Prince in Taiwan' at a conference organized by KU Leuven and the University of Antwerp, Belgium. The conference was on 19th and 20th October 2017, and the theme was 'Translation Studies and Children’s Literature– Current Topics and Future Perspectives.' On 11-12th November 2016, I presented a paper titled 'Pride and Prejudice as a Comic Book' at the University of Manchester. The conference theme was 'Materiality, Digital Cultures and Transmission in Translation Studies.' My first conference presentation was on 20th June 2016 at 3rd International Postgraduate Conference on Modern Foreign Languages, Linguistics and Literature, University of Central Lancashire. My paper was titled 'Translator's Social Role: A Case Study of OPTOGO in Milan Expo 2015.' 

I studied for my MA at the University of Newcastle and graduated in 2016. During the MA, I develop an in-depth knowledge of the topics discussed and explored in Translation Studies. Topics included, but were not limited to, creativity in translation, translating for literature, translator's social role, translating for cultural terms, limits in subtitling translation, and machine translation's capacities. I also gain strong writing and proofreading skills, and attention to detail because of my traning in practical translating. Modules included English to Chinese translation, Chinese to English translation, drama translation, literary translation, and translating for European Union's institutions. In addition, I enhance my verbal communication skills by regularly presenting in public thans to the training in interpreting. Modules included simultaneous interpreting, consecutive interpreting, and public service interpreting.

I graduated from the University of Oregon, U.S.A. in 2007 majoring in digital arts. I learnt to use various computer programmes and develop knowledge of design as well as arts. Modules included multimedia design tools, digital imaging, digital illustration, animation, and programming for artists.