Idir Ouahes


1st July 2016:

Radical Histories, Queen Mary University of London

Details of this conference available here.

23rd June 2016:

SHAFR 2016 San Diego 

25th May 2016:

Meditterranean Studies Association, Palermo.

Presenting a paper entitled:

Masters or Misfits of the Mediterranean? Franco-Italian strategic competition in 1920s Syria, Tunisia and Libya.

23rd May 2016:

IHR New (Post)Colonial Researchers Workshop

I am presenting a paper on my at London's Institute of Historical Research seminar. 

21st January 2016:

MuseumGlobal Dusseldorf

Presented a paper on Syrian and North African Antiquities at this conference. 

11th January 2016:

American Historical Association, Atlanta GA

I co-organised a panel on League of Nations Mandates, in which I presented a paper on American humanitarianism in Syria and Lebanon.

7th July 2015:

DAAD/Oxford Postgraduate Summer School in German Studies, Oxford

I am presenting a paper on the remnant of German cultural and soft-power influence in post World War I Syria and its relation to the French authorities.

3rd July 2015:

History of Parliament 2015 Conference : Making Constitutions, Building Parliaments, London

I am presenting on the Syrian Constituion and Assembly in the early 1920s.

26th June 2015:

Ecological Networks and Transfers in Colonial Contexts, c. 1850-1920 - University of Kassel, Germany

I am presenting a paper entitled: Agricultural Experimentation in French Mandate Syria: the Civilizing Mission, Ecological Transfers and anthropocentric appropriation.

7th May 2015:

French Colonial History Society, Binghampton NY

I am presenting a paper on the Quartier Reservé in Beirut and the politicization of prostitutes in the anti-Mandate press.

26th April 2015:

Colonial Christian Missions and their Legacies, Copenhagen

I am presenting a paper on American and French Christian missions in the first five years of the French Mandate.

22nd November 2014:

Middle East Studies Association of America Annual Meeting, Washington D.C., USA

I am presented a paper on welfarism in the Syrian and Lebanese Mandate, available here.

18th August 2014:

Fourth World Congress for Middle East Studies, Ankara

I presented a paper on the French Mandate authorities' dealings with the Press in 1920's Syria and Lebanon. Available here.

19th June 2014:

The Inaugural Conference for the Imperial and Global History Network, 19th and 20th June 2014, Exeter, UK

I am on the committee of the Imperial and Global History Network, based here at Exeter, and I am helping to organise this inaugural conference which has drawn speakers from America and Asia to Exeter. For more information on the conference.

13th June 2014:

Mediterranean Visions: Journeys, Itineraries and Cultural Migrations, Sorrento, Italy

I presented a paper entitled: "Early 20th Century Levantine immigrants in the Latin America" at this conference that is co-hosted by the Sant Anna institute and the College of the Holy Cross. Draft form available here.

15th May 2014:

‘Education in the first five years of the French mandate over Syria and Lebanon: contestation and co-option’, University of Bristol UK

This is the second of two meetings on Imperial history shared between Exeter and Bristol.

25th April 2014:

ESRC Final Year Student Conference 2014, Edinburgh, UK

I attended the UK's Economic and Social Sciences Research Council's final year conference which focussed on professional development. Information can be found here.

8th November 2013:

Knowledge Beyond Borders - ESRC SWDTC Student Conference 2013, Bristol, UK

I presented a paper on the future of crowd-sourcing archives in the hope of launching a long-term project aimed at freeing up archives by individual efforts. Information here.

30th January 2013:

ESRC Ph.D. Media Training, Leeds, UK

This workshop, run by the ESRC funding body, aided me to understand how to deal with a variety of media. The focuses was on how to come across in each different medium such as social media, the press and radio. Real life examples and active participation exercises were  involved.


11th June 2012:

The United States and Algeria, BRISMES Graduate Section, LSE, London

Presented a paper on US-Algerian relations. I also organised a separate panel on the Maghreb which included a successful application for a grant for a Moroccan Ph.D. student to travel to London.

1st May 2012:

College of Humanities PGR Conference 2012, Exeter, UK

Presented on using Antonio Gramsci's ideas in History.

Graduate School Skills Workshops

3rd June 2014:

Intellectual Property Rights and Commercialisation , Exeter, UK

7th May 2014:

: Research Impact - What is it and why is it important? , Exeter, UK

6th May 2014:

Completing your thesis, Exeter, UK

Part of Exeter University's researcher development agenda.

2nd May 2014:

Publishing your research: Meet the Editors, Exeter, UK

Part of Exeter University's Researcher Development agenda.

Professional Meetings

17th June 2016:

l’atelier doctoral en Histoire des relations internationales à l’Université de Genève

17th June 2014:

Franco-British Intelligence Activity in the Near East at the Outset of the First World War: A Wary Partnership, Institute of Historical Research, London UK

I gave a talk on World War I Franco-British intelligence activity in the Near East which raised questions regarding lacunae in examining French orientalist intelligence alongside the well documented British role. Information from IHR. Talk available here.


7th December 2011:

Recipients of the Sir Peter Holmes Memorial Award Talk (2011), London, UK

Gave a lecture reporting on my research in Cairo which was the possible thanks to the Royal Society for Asian Affairs' Sir Peter Holmes Travel Award.  The research looked at Father Antonin Jaussen, a French Dominican monk and spy in the First World War's Near Eastern theatre.

(Video available to RSAA members)


20th November 2015:

Informal Shadowing

One of my undergraduate students is shadowing my work as a Ph.D. to help the understand the work done by a Ph.D. student. The student is very interested in pursuing an academic career so they are learning about my research, helping to read through my thesis and I give them advice regarding the various funding bodies and options available to pursue an academic career.

21st October 2015:

Christians in Syria

Public Lecture at St. Michael's & All Angels Church, Exeter.