Imogene Dudley

Roles and Responsibilities


Editor of Ex Historia (previously Assistant Editor)

I was Editor of the postgraduate History journal Ex Historia for the academic year 2016 - 2017.This involved overseeing Calls for Papers, the reviewing process (which involved blind double peer review) and close copy-editing, in addition to promotion, communications and more mundane tasks such as organising rooms and timetables for our fortnightly seminar series.

I was Assistant Editor for the academic year 2015 - 2016. In this post, I oversaw articles from submission to publication, being a primary port of call for the author, finding primary and secondary reviewers and copy-editing the article.


History PGR Liaison Officer

I was the student representative of the History PGR community at Exeter. for the academic year 2016  -2017. The role involves arranging and chairing liaison meetings with my fellow students, attending departmental meetings, and liaising with various other bodies such as Researcher Development to keep students up to date. I also played a large part in the induction events at the beginning of the year, giving presentations and advice to new PGRs and organising networking and social events.

25th May 2016:

Conference Organisation

I was one third of the organising committee for the Exeter Centre for Early Modern Studies Postgraduate Conference 2016. As a team, we had no help from staff and so organised the theme, location, catering, Call for Papers,securing postgraduate and keynote speakers, programme, promotion, funding and communications. I moderated a panel and the keynote speaker, Prof. Steve Gunn (Merton College, Oxford).

18th April 2016:

Conference Organisation

I was a member of the organising committee for the University of Exeter Humanities PGR Conference 2016. My specific duties involved managing the social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Academia), organising the conference dinner and creating the programme. I also moderated two panels and the keynote speech given by Prof. Steven Barnett (Westminster).


2nd July 2018:

Leeds International Medieval Congress

'She-Wolf or Feminist Heroine? The Memory and Reputation of Margaret of Anjou' in the 'Monarchy and Memory' strand sponsored by the Royal Studies Network

17th May 2018:

Invisible Hands: Reassessing the History of Work

Paper: 'Maids, Wives and Mothers: The Effects of the Life-Cycle upon Women's Work in the South-West, 1644 - 1700' (twenty minutes)

4th April 2018:

European Social Science History Conference

Paper: 'Women's wages in the early modern south-west of England' (twenty minutes)

27th March 2018:

British Agricultural History Society Spring Conference

Paper: 'Women's working lives in the rural south-west, 1644 - 1700' (twenty minutes)

I also applied for and received an attendance bursary from the organisers, covering the conference registration, transport, excursion plus accommodation and all meals for three days.

8th December 2017:

Late Medieval Seminar at the Institute of Historical Research, London

Paper: 'The Daughters of Edward IV under the early Tudor Regime' (fifty minutes)

Upon the invitation of the organisers

15th September 2017:

Kings and Queens Conference (Royal Studies Network), UNED Madrid

Paper: 'In the Shadow of the Throne: the Yorkist princesses in early Tudor England, 1495 - 1509' (twenty minutes)

I also applied for and received a generous bursary from the conference organisers, which paid for all accomodation, meals and excursions during the four day conference in Madrid.

16th June 2017:

Exeter Centre for Early Modern Studies Postgraduate Conference

Paper: "From Birth to Death: Women's Working Lives in Seventeenth-century England" (twenty minutes)

5th April 2017:

Social History Society Conference

Paper: "Was there a 'Gender Pay Gap' in early modern England? Evidence from Household Account Books" (twenty minutes)

19th January 2017:

Ex Historia, University of Exeter

Paper: 'The Household Accounts of Dame Philippa Gore: A Case Study Exploring Women's Wages in Seventeenth-century Somerset' (twenty minutes)

3rd June 2016:

University of Exeter (Penryn Campus) Humanities PGR Symposium

Paper: 'Steadfast Servants or Traitorous Transgressors: The Courtenay Family, the Crown and the South-West, 1485-1556' (twenty minutes)

26th May 2016:

Exeter Centre for Early Modern Studies Postgraduate Conference

Paper: 'Fate and Chance in the Survival of Early Modern Household Accounts' (twenty minutes)

25th February 2016:

Bristol Centre for Medieval Studies Postgraduate Conference

 Paper: 'In what ways was the vernacular used for propaganda purposes during the Wars of the Roses period?' (twenty minutes)

28th January 2016:

Ex Historia, University of Exeter

Paper: 'Dynasty, Marriage and the English Throne: Henry VII's Policy Regarding the Yorkist Princesses, 1485-1509' (twenty minutes)

25th November 2015:

Exeter Centre for Early Modern Studies

 Paper: 'Women's waged work in Early Modern England, 1500-1700: An Overview' (ten minutes)

Public Engagement

23rd November 2016:

The History Group at The Walronds, Cullompton

I was invited to give a twenty minute paper to a local history group that meets at The Walronds, a Grade 1 listed Tudor townhouse in Cullompton. It was entitled 'Women, work and wages in the early modern south-west.'

Graduate School Skills Workshops

November 2017:

Economic History Society PGR Training Residential

I spent three days at the Economic History Society Postgraduate Training Residential in Manchester. I pre-circulated a research chapter and then gave a paper on my thesis, having to answer questions and respond to comments and suggestions in a fifty minute long discussion period. I also gave advice and suggestions on other students' work.

March 2016:

Learning and Teaching in Higher Education

I have attended courses on Learning and Teaching in Higher Education at the University of Exeter, where I was assessed on teaching methods, catering to students needs and practical teaching.