Imola Nagy-Seres


15th December 2017:

NWiMS Doctoral Conference, Leeds

Elizabeth Bowen and the Ethics of 'Sensitive Touch'

August 2017:

ESSE Doctoral Symposium, Thessaloniki, Greece

The Tremors of Sympathy: Affect Sharing in the Modern and Contemporary British Novel 

June 2017:

Empathies International Conference, Basel, Switzerland

The Limits of Empathy: Modes of 'feeling with' in Early Twentieth-century British Fiction

26th January 2017:

Hungarian Society for the Study of English Conference, Eger, Hungary

Sympathy and Magnetic Attraction in D.H. Lawrence's The Rainbow

16th December 2016:

New Work in Modernist Studies Conference, London

Moments of Delight in D.H. Lawrence's Women in Love

July 2016:

Modernism and the Embodied Mind, Bristol

Sympathetic Shivering in D.H. Lawrence's The Rainbow

April 2016:

College of Humanities PGR Conference, Exeter

The Limits of Empathy in Ian McEwan's Saturday

Graduate School Skills Workshops

November 2016:

Impact and Reseach Communication Skills

October 2016:

Stage 2: Learning and Teaching in Higher Education

June 2016:

Sprint Development Workshop for Postgraduate Researchers

September 2015:

Stage 1: Learning and Teaching in Higher Education