Irwan Saidin

Dr Mohd Irwan Syazli Saidin

Department: Middle East Politics
Discipline: Institute of Arab and Islamic Studies
Research Centre/Unit: Middle East Social Sciences Cluster

Project Summary

Between Revolution and Political Stability: The Perceptions and Influences of the Arab Spring among the Islamist Movements in Malaysia.

Supervisory Team

Dr Lise Storm (Senior Lecturer in Middle East Politics)

Dr Eleanor Gao (Lecturer in Middle East Politics) 

Wider Research Interests

Malaysian Politics, Islamist movements and parties in Malaysia, the Arab Spring phenomenon, democracy and democratisation in Malaysia and Arab world.

Authored Publications/Reports

Mohd Irwan Syazli Saidin, Wan Kamal Mujani and Azyati Azhani Mazuki (20th August 2014) New Wave of Democratization: The Case of Tunisian and Egyptian Revolution, Proceedings of the 2014 International Conference on Advanced ICT, 168-170

Mohd Irwan Syazli Saidin & Wan Kamal Mujani (20th May 2015) The Arab Spring and Theories of Democratization, in The Arab Spring: Factor and Impact, 71-79