Isabel Hallam


15th May 2020:

Association of Colleges: Academic intervention for lower attaining college HE students

5th May 2020:

UCSD Research Showcase: The psychology of student persistence

13th November 2019:

SWDTP 2019 Conference: Effective and innovative reserach communication

Assumptions during insider organisational case study research

22nd March 2019:

University of Exeter, Graduate School of Education conference

Poster presentation of 'Appreciating the role of personal tutoring in fostering college higher education students' persistence' 

6th June 2018:

British Psychological Society

A poster presentation entitled 'We are not robots: A holistic approach to teaching sensitive subjects' at the British Psychological Society Division of Academics, Researchers and Teachers of Psychology conference.

23rd March 2018:

Graduate School of Education Research Conference

Poster Presentation: A holistic approach to teaching sensitive subjects

Fellowship award

November 2017:

Higher Education Academy


26th April 2018:

University of Plymouth, SSTAR Award

I was awarded the University of Plymouth SSTAR Award for Inspirational Teaching within my university faculty (partner colleges).


22nd May 2020:

University Centre South Devon, Inspirational Teaching Staff Award