Jamie McCauley



College: College of Life and Environmental Sciences
Discipline: Geography
Department: Geography

‚ÄčIn   August   2013,  I   completed   an   MA   in   Rural   Sustainability   at   NUI   Galway (Geography)  for  which  I  was  awarded  a  first  class  honours  degree.  The  programme dealt not only with broad issues on how the rural is conceptualised in academic terms, but  also  how  this  impacts  upon  policy  and  programme  interventions  including  rural development  strategies. The significance   of institutional  structures  and  modes  of  rural  governance,  and how  these  were  able  to work  flexibly  to  take  advantage  of  collaborative  networks  between  agencies  and actors  at  a  range  of  spatial  scales  was  also  explored  in  depth. My MA thesis examined strategic planning and development of wind energy in Ireland. In  order to  undertake  a  critical  analysis  of this  topic  a  comparative  case  study  approach  was  adopted.  This approach examined spatial planning strategies through the progress and development of two wind turbine projects, with an export orientated agenda.

In 2015, I moved to the UK to begin a PhD at the University of Exeter under the supervision of Professor Steve Hinchcliffe and Professor Henry Buller. My PhD is titled 'Sustainable and Secure Fish Farms: Understanding the Social Practices and Processes Relating to Aquaculture and Biosecurity' My research explores issues of biosecurity and animal welfare in freshwater aquaculture, in England and Wales. My research aims to develop academic knowledge of a previously neglected aspect of farming and biosecurity by engaging with producer attitudes, approaches along, with the drivers and underlying factors relating to biosecurity in finfish aquaculture, from a social science perspective.

My research is funded by the Centre for Environment, Fisheries & Aquaculture Science.



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