Jessica Fagin



I am currently working on my ESRC 1+3 PhD scholarship in the department of Sociology, Philosophy and Anthropology. I completed a Masters in the Anthropology of Food at SOAS, London. 

My research focusses on issues of masculinity, race and ethnicity and articulations of craft and manual labour along the the British meat commodity chain. Previous fieldwork sites include Smithfield meat market in London, shepherding communities, artisanal producers and butcher shops.  

My PhD research explores practices of sheep slaughter in England in so called “conventional” and halal slaughterhouses as we shift through the legislative transitions of Brexit. Particular focus will be centred on the construction of gendered, racialised and religious identities through the labour practices and the mobilities of the people, animals and diseases enacted in these spaces. This research aims to articulate how processes of racialisation and everyday bordering are reproduced and negotiated within diverse sites of labour, asking what slaughterhouses can reveal about how nationhood is imagined in the face of Brexit.