Joe Townsend


Telephone: 01392 264059 

About Me

I am a 2nd Year PhD student of computing in the College of Engineering, Mathematics and Physical Sciences (CEMPS). In July 2008 I graduated from the University of Exeter with a first class degree in BSc Computer Science. I then studied the MSc course in Applied Artificial Intelligence, for which I also graduated with a first class degree. I took a year out to teach English in Japan from January to September 2010 before returning to Exeter to begin my PhD.

Current Research

The working title of my thesis is 'Artificial Development of Neural Symbolic Networks'.

  • Neural-Symbolic Integration concerns the representation of logic programs or other symbolic information in neural networks.
  • Artificial Development is a form of evolutionary computing in which the genotype encodes rules for the gradual development of the phenotype, rather than encoding the structure of the phenotype explicitly.

The main aim of my research is to produce neural-symbolic networks using artificial development. Please see my research page for more information.