Joe Townsend

8th December 2011 to 22nd November 2013

ECM3412/ECMM409 Nature Inspired Computing: Neural Network Workshop

Length of session: 1 hour workshop, once a year

Participants: Undergraduate and postgraduate students of the module.

I designed and ran this workshop on neural networks. The students had to work through a worksheet I adapted from a previous year's workshop. The workshop instructed the students on how to use MatLab to perform experiments on two types on neural networks and asked them to perform these experiments, record their findings and answer questions that tested their understanding of the networks' behaviours. In the workshop session I provided support to the students when they needed it.

18th November 2011 to 18th November 2011

LTHE Stage 2 Microteaching Exercise

Length of session: 10 minutes (as part of a 1 hour group exercise)

Participants: 3 other LTHE classmates.

As part of the LTHE stage 2 microteaching exercise, I gave a short introductory lesson on Evolutionary Algorithms, a research field in Artificial Intelligence which uses ideas inspired by principles from natural evolution to search for problem solutions.

13th October 2011 to 13th December 2013

ECM1408 Programming for Science

Length of session: 2 hours, twice a week for 10 weeks

Participants: Two classes of 40 first year BSc mathematics students.

I was a workshop assistant for a module introducing basic programming to first year Bsc mathematics students. Students worked through a worksheet which tested programming techniques learned in lectures. My role was to provide them with help when they needed it.

On one week students were asked to discus problem solutions in groups rather than program them. On this occasion my role was to help lead a class discussion of each solution once they had discussed it in their groups.