John W. Wilson



College: College of Social Sciences and International Studies
Discipline: Education
Department: College of Social Sciences and International Studies
Research Centre/Unit: Graduate School of Education

When Mr. John Wilson was born in central California of the United States of America, he quickly realised that the USA was a bit small for his tastes and started the university journey with the intention of becoming fluent in an Asian language and teaching English within that context and environment. Thirteen years later, he is still excited about teaching in Japan and to Japanese students at the university level. The journey towards a Doctor of Education has been and continues to be a thrilling ride, informative some days, eclectic on others.  Never did he realise he would learn so much through this journey. He has been a university English education instructor for more than 15 years having worked in Japan and the United States during that time.

Mr. Wilson is entering the third year of the Ed.D. program in Dubai. With a background in creative non-fiction writing, his research interests include task-based language teaching, language learning motivation and educational statistics.  Additionally, he is interested in exploring creative ways to communicate the advantages of greater reading fluency to students and colleagues, and using music as a creative communicative teaching tool.  Recently, he has created courses that emphasize student generated audio and video projects using Internet technologies for collaborative learning and is a former COIL Fellow (Collaborative On-line International Learning).  In his free time he plays the piano, sings gospel and jazz music and enjoys river fishing.