Ju Liang



College: College of Engineering, Mathematics and Physical Sciences
Discipline: Mathematics
Department: Department of Mathematics
Research Centre/Unit: Climate Dynamics

  I am a Postdoctoral Research Associate in the College of Engineering, Mathematics and Physical Sciences in the Exeter Climate Systems group. My works at Exeter are related to projects of extreme-related weather systems and regional climate change based on high-resolution climate models. 

Research Interests:

1) High-resolution regional climate modelling;

2) Hydrological responses to regional climate change;

3) High-impact weather systems and climate change.

Ongoing research is focusing on the dynamics, historical climatology and projected future changes in high-impact synoptic processes, including Atmospheric Rivers, Borneo Vortices and Tropical Cyclones. 

  • Atmospheric River Identification Algorithm for the Asia monsoon region (ARIA-Asia): 

   The above animated image shows the atmospheric river features in East Asia detected in the ERA5 reanalysis datasets during 21/07/2015 to 26/07/2015 using ARIA-Asia 1.5 (Red Lines: Atmospheric River Axis; Shaded: Atmospheric River Plume; Blue Stippling: AR-related Heavy Rainfall - Daily Precip. > 35 mm/day)

   This Python-based algorithm has been developed since 2018 for impact studies of atmospheric rivers in the Asian monsoon region based on gridded meteorological datasets and climate simulation outputs.

  Description of AREA-Asia 1.0: Climatology of atmospheric rivers in the Asian monsoon region - Liang - 2021 - International Journal of Climatology - Wiley Online Library

  For more information, please contact J.Liang@exeter.ac.uk