Julius Guthrie

Discipline: Classics and Ancient History

Supervisory Team

Senior supervisor: Lynette Mitchell; secondary supervisor: Emma Nicholson



Wider Research Interests

My wider research interests include:

  •  Greek political theory, particularly the development of tyranny and elite rulership in the 5th century. Additionally, I am interested in the role of philia in dictating Greek political relationships. 
  •  Network theory in the Greek world. 
  •  Historiography, especially the Greek presentation of Achaemenid Persia and of autocratic poleis/states.
  •  Hellenistic kingship. 


Authored Publications/Reports

Guthrie, J. (4th November 2019) The Charismatic Emperors: Weberian authority in Julio-Claudian Rome and the fall of Nero, Ex-Historia, v11, 1-28

Guthrie, J. (1st December 2020) Philia Networks in the Macedonian Court and the Long Accession of Alexander the Great, Karanos, v3