Junie T Tong



College: College of Humanities

Dr. Junie T. Tong is Award Leader and Senior Lecturer in Business Economics at Staffordshire University. She gained her D.Phil. in Business from the University of Buckingham with the dissertation titled: To develop and establish a Finance-in-Society Model (FISM) which integrates traditional Chinese philosophy with Western financial rationale.

Junie is the author of the book named: Finance and Society in 21st Century China – Chinese Culture versus Western Markets (2011), which reveals and reflects the role of finance in China whilst she adopts an interdisciplinary perspective that critically analyses the social as well as economic functioning of banking and finance of the country in the light of growth and sustainability. She has also co-authored the book titled: Integral Dynamics, which was published in March 2013. Integral Dynamics investigates into a specific way forward for each society, fundamentally different from, but drawing on its individual past. Since nearly every natural science has been transformed from an analytically-based approach to a dynamic one, Integral Dynamics promulgates such an approach for the first time into business and economic studies, and business and public administration.

Junie has been focusing on interdisciplinary research, originated from Critical Theory, for over a decade. Her Finance-in-Society Model integrates finance with considerations relating to the wider economy, society, history and philosophy. Adopting the interdisciplinary research approach, Junie has published various articles and papers in the areas of sustainable economic and financial development, and social and economic transformation.

Junie is an ex-investment banker and was Associate Director of Swiss Bank Corporation International, one of the AAA banks. She has been working in the field of finance for over two decades. Her financial career has enabled her to work and live in a number of leading international cities and such experience has provided her with extensive multicultural understanding underpinning both Western and Eastern perspectives.

Prior to her return to the UK in early 2011, Junie spent eight years working and living in China. She chaired the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Focus Group of both the British Chamber of Commerce and EU Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai for the years of 2009 and 2010. During her stay in China, Junie also worked closely with the Prince of Wales International Business Forum to promote corporate governance and business transparency in the country. Whilst working in financial consulting and assets management in China, Junie was a visiting professor at the School of Economics of Jilin University and at the Management School of Dalian University of Technology. She was also the founder of Catalyst Foundation Ltd., which is a not-for-profit micro-finance organisation empowering financially deprived and disadvantaged women workers in both urban and rural China.

Junie is currently working on her second doctorate at the Department of Theology of the University of Exeter. Her research title is: Christianity and Capitalism in China: Prospects for the Future?