Karwan Osman



College: College of Social Sciences and International Studies

B.A. in Kurdish Language & Literature- Salahaddin University- 2003

M.A. in Kurdish Literature- Koya University- 2008

An active member of both Kurdistan Journalist's Syndicate (KJS) and International Federation Journalists (IFJ)

My Research in brief:

I am researching “a structural study of Abdulla Goran’s Poetry” I have chosen ‘close reading’ as a theoretical approach to my research. I will focus on sign system and symbols in Goran’s poetry. I would also present the differences of Goran’s sign system from those used previously in Kurdish poetry and the way has been used to rhetoric building.


I have 10 years’ experience in civil society and journalism fields. I had managed several strategic and long-term projects of youth, women and culture development in the frame of a civil society organization in south Kurdistan. I also had a considered experience in journalism field especially in Khwendni Liberal (Liberal Education) newspaper that I participated as member of Editor Staff, Editor in Chief Assistant and Concessionaire in publishing (104) issues of it. In 2007, I have been awarded by the Ministry of Sport and Youth as youth of the year in the activity towards reinforcing civil society.

Academic interest:

I’m doing PhD in Kurdish studies because of my profound interest for learning and researching in Kurdish literature field, for the sake of using my energy and ability to learn research skills and a serious participation to fill the gaps that have been made by the cultural and heritage sufferance, to get part of what we lost in the past. To concern with the areas of Kurdish literature which have been neglected, specifically in semiotics studies.


I have contributed as a joint editor of the following publication:

1.  Forced Marriage: life and a critical destiny, forced marriage traditions, lack of public awareness, and authority negligence, 2010

2.    Gender Assessment Report on Justice Council Ministry of Higher Education & Scientific Research, Justice Council, and Ministry of Health, 2010

3.    Combating Forced Marriage, 2009

4.   Non participation of Youth in the Kurdistan political process, 2007

5.    Media Sustainability Index Iraq, IREX Europe, 2006

I also published five of my literary articles in (Shin), (Raman) and (Aynda) magazines which include:

1. Concept of life and love a poem of Baxtyiar Ali in the name of "Ay law rozhgara khoshana".

2.A research of literary equilibrating-comparison in the name of the "symbol of water" in the three poems of (Suhrab Supehry, Jamal Ghambar, Abdulmutalib Abdullah).

3. Romanticism in the "Plague"poem of (Mardin Ibrahim).

4. Succinctness and verbosity in Kurdish literature.

5. Exaggeration in Kurdish literature.

And a number of essays in (Khwendni liberal) Newspaper and (Xelik) publication.


"Myths and Symbols of Kurdish Modern Poetry-Abdulla Goran as Example" BRISMES Annual Conference- London 24 June 2015