Katie Garvey BSc (Hons), MSc

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The University of Exeter

Ph.D. ' Future Farming: An Investigation of the Likely Impact of Higher Energy Costs on SW Agriculture using Farm Business Survey Data'


The University of Liverpool

MSc Operations and Supply Chain Management (Distinction)
This course provided an education in operations and supply chain management principles, theories and practice. The course aimed to develop a profound understanding of the processes and techniques for developing operations strategy and managing operations and supply chain activities.
MSc Project: An Analysis of Dairy Farm Vulnerability to Oil Price Increase and GHG (Greenhouse Gas) Emissions Charges. Case Study: Wood Park Farm, Cheshire
This project aimed to assess the vulnerability of the UK dairy supply chain to increasing costs of oil-based agricultural resources, including diesel fuel, pesticides and fertilisers. It was carried out at Wood Park Farm at the University’s Leahurst veterinary campus in unique collaboration with the Tesco Sustainable Dairy Group. This assessment also involved determining the levels of greenhouse gas emissions on-farm. Data for the study was obtained using the Oil Vulnerability Audit Tool. The audit allowed for an assessment of the economic vulnerability of the dairy farm and to evaluate various mitigation strategies, including the viability of biofuels for reducing dependency on petroleum fuels and for the reduction of GHG emissions.


The University of Liverpool

BSc Hons Geography (1st Class)

This course included a combination of human and physical geographical modules, including those exploring the interface between the two schools. Modules included: Oil Depletion, Natural Hazards, European Population Trends, Political Geography, Development Issues, Transnational Migration, Cities and Regions. In addition I selected modules in Anthropology and Egyptology.
BSc Dissertation: Peak Oil: An Analysis of Agricultural Oil Dependencies
This dissertation addressed the implications of ‘Peak Oil’ in the context of agricultural food production. The results from the audit were used in an analysis of a range of post-peak oil scenarios and consideration given to how these scenarios might be managed. From the data analysis it was identified that 15% of the total dairy farm costs were directly oil vulnerable. In post-peak oil scenarios, this vulnerability increased to 66%. These findings show that the continuation of dairy farming practices in times of increasing oil prices will become an increasingly serious issue for UK agricultural production.


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American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers (ASABE)


The Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply (CIPS)


University of Liverpool Oil Depletion Impact Group (ODIG)

I am proud to have been made the first student member of the multi-disciplinary University of Liverpool Oil Depletion Impact Group (ODIG).