Kate Townsend

Discipline: Politics

Project Summary

Can Female Genital Cutting (FGC) be reconciled with liberalism? What is the most appropriate response to FGC in liberal democracies? What does FGC tell us about feminist and multiculturalist critiques of liberalism? 

My normative political research is centred around the controversial social phenomenon FGC. Using FGC as a primary analytical tool to examine the multiculturalist challenge to liberalism helps me to consider the real-world policy implications of liberal and multiculturalist principles and commitments.

Ultimately, this is a project about Children's Rights. I develop an account and defence of Children's Rights within the liberal paradigm, while taking seriously multiculturalist and feminist concerns that liberal "difference blindness" can be harmful and disadvantageous to many people in the real-world.  



Supervisory Team

Dr Robert Lamb

Dr Andrew Schaap

Wider Research Interests

Children's Rights



Phenomenology and post-structuralism

The History of Political Thought

The Israel-Palestine conflict