Kate Townsend


28th June 2017:

Association for Social and Political Philosophy annual conference: University of Sheffield

Paper: Children's Rights and Genital Cutting

18th May 2016:

SWDTC Workshop: Anne Phillips, Political Theory and Gender

Paper: Gender, Culture, and 'Cultural Supremacism' 

1st October 2015:

Exeter Political Theory Reading Group Presentation

Paper: Towards a Consistent Liberal Approach to Male and Female Genital Cutting

1st June 2015:

SWDTC Political Theory Conference

Committee member and organiser. 

1st May 2015:

Exeter University, Politics Post-Graduate Conference

Committee member and organiser.   

21st February 2015:

Warwick Graduate Conference for Political and Legal Theory

Conference paper: What is the problem with Female Genital Mutilation? Feminist and Multiculturalist critiques of liberalism through the lens of FGM

1st February 2015:

Exeter Political Theory Reading Group Presentation

Analysis: Clare Chambers 'Are Breast Implants Better than FGM?' 

20th June 2014:

Cardiff University: Removing the Divide, Respecting and Understanding Cultures

Conference paper: Liberalism and FGM

30th April 2014:

Exeter University Post-Graduate Conference

Conference paper: What challenges does Multiculturalism pose for Liberalism?


Lecture at The University of Exeter: Political Philosophy (POL2050)

17th October 2015:

The Multiculturalist Challenge to Liberalism

Analysis and presentation of the ideas of: Charles Taylor, Will Kymlicka, Chandran Kukathas, Brian Barry and Susan Moller Okin.