Katie Snow



College: College of Humanities
Discipline: English
Department: Department of English

I am a PhD candidate and recipient of the Vice-Chancellor's Scholarship.

Taking an eighteenth-century focus, my research investigates the cultural wedding of feminine identity with maternity. Specifically, it considers the effect this had (and still has) upon female sexuality.

Situated within the medical humanities, my PhD relies on a wide cultural body of work for its primary sources - I use poetry, novels, medical texts, diaries, magazines, satirical and pornographic prints to engage with the eighteenth-century maternal sphere.

Key interests: 

  • Gender and sex stereotypes 
  • Conflicts of identity in motherhood
  • Transgressive maternal behaviour: ambivalence, rejection, violence and infanticide (and the pathologising of these)
  • Eighteenth century 'cult of idealised motherhood'
  • Eighteenth century satirical prints of women
  • Radical women in the French Revolution