Katie Snow



College: College of Humanities
Discipline: English
Department: Department of English

I am a PhD candidate and recipient of the Vice-Chancellor's Scholarship.

My thesis, provisionally entitled 'Satirising the breast: visions of maternity and sexuality in late eighteenth-century England', investigates representations of the female breast within satirical prints, specifically tracing contemporary constructions of natural and unnatural femininity.

Situated within the medical humanities, my research draws upon a wide cultural body of work - I use poetry, novels, medical texts, diaries and magazines in additional to satirical and pornographic prints.

Key interests: 

  • Satirical prints of women
  • Gender and sex stereotypes 
  • Conflicts of identity in motherhood
  • Transgressive maternal behaviour: ambivalence, rejection, violence and infanticide (and the pathologising of these)
  • Radical women in the French Revolution