Katrina-Kay S. Alaimo



College: College of Humanities

I did my undergraduate at California State University - Sacramento; my dissertation concerned Augustus and the imperial cult. I then came to Exeter University for my Masters degree. My concentration was in Roman Myth and History, and my dissertation explored the creation of the legend of Caligula. Currently, my PhD research project examines small finds and its relationship with Romano-British temple sites.

I am very active outside of my research. In the past I have participated in a number of volunteering opportunities, including 800 hours of logged time into JUMS with my local JROTC during high school. I've volunteered at a senior home, my local museum when I was living in Swansea, for a short time with Glamorgan Gwent Archaeological Trust, and with the Ipplepen 2013 excavation. I've also held various employed positions; my favourites include working as a peer mentor and academic adviser (with CSUS), and as a foreign language centre assistant (with Exeter University). Lastly, I most recently volunteered for the Curator of Antiquities at the Royal Albert Memorial Museum.

I have also participated in a wide range of sports, from gymnastics and archery to Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Kendo. Currently, I rock climb and power-lift on a weekly basis.