Katya Zossimova

Discipline: Physics and Astronomy

Project Summary

PhD Project: Advanced computational electromagnetism for nanophotonics and biosensing

My research involves developing advanced cutting-edge computational techniques in molecular dynamics and density functional theory to analyse single-molecule sensor data and visualise the structural dynamics of single proteins. This project includes a 2-year research attachment programme at A*STAR in Singapore, where I will use the High Performance Computing facilities to achieve these goals. 

Supervisors: Prof Frank Vollmer and Dr Jolly Xavier Palackappillil

Authored Publications/Reports

H. R. Barnard, E. Zossimova, N. H. Mahlmeister, L. M. Lawton, I. J. Luxmoore and G. R. Nash (31st March 2016) Boron nitride encapsulated graphene infrared emitters, Applied Physics Letters, Volume 108, Issue 13