Khadija Alamoudi

Project Summary

My interests lie in the area of EFL teacher evaluation in higher education. I believe that teachers need to receive more support and better opportunities to assess their proficiency and to evaluate their teaching skills in order to have more effective CPD programmes and to ameliorate any educational system; hence, I decided to dedicate my PhD thesis to EFL teacher evaluation. 

A mixed-method approach will be utilised in my research project with more focus on qualitative elements of the study. Questionnaire, FGD, and one-to-one interviews are the main methods that I have selected to collect data for the project.

So, if you believe you are interested in any of the above mentioned areas or that we do have something in common and you would like to have someone to discuss or to share your ideass with, please do not hesitate to get in touch. 


Published Work:

Alamoudi, K (2013). The Conceptual Structure of Hand Idioms in Arabc. Internet Journal of Language Society and Culture, 37, 28-39.


Alamoudi, K (2013). Closing Techniques for Face-to-Face Conversations in Saudi Educational Institutes. Arab World English Journal 4(2), 37-151.


Alamoudi, K., & Troudi, S. (2017). EFL Teacher Evaluation: A Theoretical Perspective. In Evaluation in Foreign Language Education in the Middle East and North Africa (pp. 29-41). Springer International Publishing.


Alamoudi, K. (2017). Syntactic Ambiguity of Arabic Prepositional Phrase Attachment in Saudi Newspaper Headlines. Arabic Language, Literature & Culture, 2(1), 13-17.


Conference Presentation:

Alamoudi, K. (2017). Is Teacher Evaluation Important? A Perspective from Saudi Arabia. Presented at TESOL Arabia International Conference, Dubai, 2017.


Conference Poster:

Alamoudi, K. (2015). Beyond Teachers Evaluation: A Theoretical Framework. Presented at Graduate School of Education Annual Reseach conference, Exeter, 2015.








Supervisory Team

Dr Salah Troudi and Dr Esmaeel Abdollahzadeh