Lauren Hayhurst



College: College of Humanities
Discipline: English
Department: Creative Writing

Lauren Hayhurst is a Graduate Teaching Assistant and PhD research student at the University of Exeter. PhD research comprises an 80,000-word novel and 20,000-word thesis. The novel presents a dramatic family saga, exposing the hidden world of 'honour’ and loyalty within a Bengali-Muslim family living in Britain, whilst Lauren’s critical thesis explores stereotype and the 'Other' in representations of Muslim women in post-9/11 fiction.

Lauren has published four short stories, the most notable of which appears in Volume 10 of the acclaimed Riptide Journal, and an academic paper in The Foundation Journal, an international review of science fiction. For the past four consecutive years Lauren has presented at the international Creative Writing conference, Great Writing, held at Imperial College, London. In June 2014, Lauren also spoke at the 'British Cultures after 9/11' conference, a multidisciplinary event in Darlington, with a paper entitled; Fictionalising the 'British Muslim’ Experience - a writer's perspective.