Lee McCallum



College: College of Social Sciences and International Studies
Research Centre/Unit: TESOL

I am an EAP Tutor at the University of Stirling and have previously held  teaching and research roles in the U.S, China, Saudi Arabia, Spain and the UK.  I have a keen passion for assessment and my previous roles have allowed me to become heavily involved in this area.

I hold a BAcc degree in Accounting and Business Law and regularly teach finance and management courses to students alongside EAP.  In addition, I hold a Masters of Science (M.sc) degree in TESOL and Applied Linguistics from the University of Stirling and I am currently working on the thesis stage of the EdD.

My involvement in the EdD has sparked a keen interest in professional development as well as an increasingly passionate fascination with how corpora can be linked to language assessment.

My research interests in these areas have allowed me to present at numerous international conferences including in Europe, Asia and the Middle East.  These interests have also allowed publication opportunities in national and international journals.