Ljubica Spaskovska

Department: History
Discipline: History

Project Summary

The Last Yugoslav Generation - Youth Cultures and Politics in Late Socialism

The research focuses on the different notions and locations of youth supranationalism in the context of late-socialism and post-socialism in the (post)Yugoslav space.  Through the conceptual lens of "the crisis generation" (generacija krize), the research ultimately seeks to answer the question of 'how did the youth (the last Yugoslav generation) articulate, question and reconceptualise supranationalism/Yugoslavism and its own link to the state in late socialism?'

By examining both the institutional and the alternative youth cultures in the 1980s, and in particular their overlap, the thesis looks  at the official socialist youth (including the army youth), the youth press circles, the punk/rock youth and the activist circles within the 'new social movements'. Furthermore, the thesis aims to undermine the narrative of Yugoslav exceptionalism and hence to situate the Yugoslav youth and the socio-cultural context of the 1980s within a broader European frame.

Supervisory Team

Dr. James Mark, University of Exeter


Dr. Florian Bieber, University of Graz



Wider Research Interests

Oral history/life history; memory; identities; history of socialism/communism; post-socialism; citizenship as membership/belonging.

Authored Publications/Reports

Ljubica Spaskovska (2010) "In Search of a Demos: Transformations of Citizenship and Belonging in the Republic of Macedonia", CITSEE Working Paper Series, 2010/11, 38

Ljubica Spaskovska (2010) "Macedonia's Nationals, Minorities and Refugees and in the Post-Communist Labyrinths of Citizenship", CITSEE Working Paper Series, 2010/05, 31

Ljubica Spaskovska (2010) Book Review: ‘Macedonia and the Macedonians: a History', Southeastern Europe , 34/2 , 260-262(3)

Ljubica Spaskovska (2008) "ReCommuNaissance - on the Phenomenon of Communist Nostalgia in Slovenia and Poland", Anthropological Journal of European Cultures , 17/1 , 136-150

Ljubica Spaskovska (2011) "Stairway to Hell - The Yugoslav Rock Scene and Youth During the Crisis Decade 1981-1991", East Central Europe, 38.2-3, 355-372

Ljubica Spaskovska (2012) "The fractured ‘we’ and the ethno-national ‘I’: the Macedonian citizenship framework", Citizenship Studies, Vol. 16, Issue 3-4, 383-396