Lucas Kohnke


20th January 2017:

37th International Thai TESOL 2017

21st century Students: Developing safety, critical thinking and digital citizenship

27th January 2016:

36th International Thai TESOL

Professionalisation and Professionalism: Complementary Frameworks for Situating ICT Professional Development

27th November 2015:

ASIACALL: Conference Paper Titled: Professional Development: Favourable Forms of ICT Skills

Professional Development: Favourable Forms of ICT Skills

21st August 2015:

14th TESOL Asia / Asian EFL Journal International Conference, Clark, Philippines.

Kohnke, L. (2015). Business English: Using Digital Games.

4th August 2015:

Asian Conference on Second Language Acquisition and Teacher Education, Hiroshima, Japan.

Kohnke, L. (2015). Professional Development Dilemma(s).

16th October 2014:

1st CULI-LITU International Conference, Bangkok, Thailand

Kohnke, L (2014). From Consumers to Producers: Students as Critical participants.

20th June 2014:

The 1st TRI-ELE International Conference on English Language Education, Bangkok, Thailand.

Shepard, C. & Kohnke, L (2014) Literary Genre Preferences in Advanced Reading and Writing Courses.

20th June 2014:

The 1st TRI-ELE International Conference on English Language Education, Bangkok, Thailand​.

Kohnke, L (2014). Online Tutoring for English Language Teaching.

5th June 2014:

The Chinese University of Hong Kong ELT Conference, Hong Kong.

Northern, A. & Kohnke, L (2014). Developing Higher Order Thinking and Independent Research Skills for First-Year Students in Hong Kong.

26th May 2014:

Hong Kong Polytechnic ELC Roundtable, Hong Kong.

Northern, A. & Kohnke, L (2014). Turnitin-to-a-learning-experience: Exploring the use of similarity detection software (Turnitin) to develop student writers' understanding of academic integrity.

30th January 2014:

10th International TESOL ASIA Conference, Manila, Philippines.

Kohnke, L. (2014). Business English on the Margins: Exploiting the Digital Edge.

26th October 2013:

11th Asia TEFL International Conference, Manila, Philippines.

Kohnke, L. (2013). Exploring ICT Tools for English Language Teaching beyond the Classroom.

31st May 2013:

Japan Association for Language Teaching Computer Assisted Language Learning (JALTCALL) 2013.

Kohnke.L & Jarvis, A (2013). Student Valuation of two e-resource platforms within a blended learning context.

24th May 2013:

Hong Kong Polytechnic ELC Roundtable.

Heathman, G. & Kohnke, L (2013). Crossing the Divide: Injecting Linguistic Creativity into Academic Writing.

4th October 2012:

10th Asia TEFL International Conference, New Delhi, India.

Kohnke, L & Leskis, A (2012). The EFL Teaching Situation in Afghanistan in the 21st Century.

26th April 2012:

The Second Asian Conference on Language Learning 2012, Osaka, Japan.

Kohnke, L. & Leskis, A. (2012). Conflict as potential avenues for growth and opportunity in Afghanistan.

15th March 2012:

The 3rd International Conference on Foreign Language and Teaching, Bangkok, Thailand.

Heathman, G., Kohnke, L & Bower, H (2013). Rethinking Professional Development for Quality Education.

31st January 2012:

NileTESOL Conference XVI, Cairo, Egypt.

Kohnke, L. & Leskis, A. (2012). Intersecting Expectations: Conflict as Opportunity.

8th April 2011:

Qatar TESOL Conference, Doha, Qatar.

Kohnke, L. (2011). Utilizing Social Software: Wikis, Blogs and Facebook in Education (workshop).

7th March 2011:

TESOL ARABIA 17th International Conference, Dubai, UAE.

Khan, F. & Kohnke, L. (2011). Social Software: Effective Platforms for Language Learning.

7th August 2010:

The 8th Asia TEFL International Conference, Hanoi, Vietnam.

Kohnke, L. (2010). Reflective Teaching and Learning Using Cartoons(workshop).

11th March 2010:

TESOL ARABIA 16th International Conference, Dubai, UAE.

Khan, F. & Kohnke, L. (2010). Constructing Concept Check Questions in Grammar Classes (workshop).

7th August 2009:

The 7th Asia TEFL International Conference, Bangkok, Thailand.

Kohnke, L. (2009). Using Concept Check Questions as a Functional Tool for Checking Understanding in ESL classes (workshop).

10th April 2009:

Qatar TESOL Conference: Content and Language, Doha, Qatar.

Kohnke, L. (2009). Effective Techniques for Developing Concept Check Questions in Grammar Classes (workshop).

8th April 2009:

Nizwa College of Technology Symposium 2009, Nizwa, Oman.

Kohnke, L. (2009). Listening Quizzes in Moodle (workshop).

5th March 2009:

Colleges of Technology English Language Teaching Conference, Shinas, Oman.

Khan, F. & Kohnke, L. (2009). Workshop: Constructing Concept Check Questions in Grammar Classes (workshop).