Lucy Barkley

September 2021 to present

SOC1047/ANT1011: Imagining Social Worlds - Methods

September 2020 to August 2021

ANT1004: Introduction to Social Anthropology - Theorising the Everyday World

Weekly seminar lead for the module, applying concepts and theories discussed during lectures to "real-world" case studies with the students. Topics include ethnography, community, kinship, totemism, economics and exchange, dirt and pollution. 

Sessions consist of a variety of teaching and learning methods - group work, class discussions, analysis of set readings and practical activities. 
The module is run through a combination of face-to-face on campus teaching, and online sessions. 


Responsibility for first marking formative essays and summative exams. 

September 2015 to December 2015

ARA2134 Ethnography of the Middle East

Seminar lead for the module. Seminar discussions included issues such as understanding ethnography, undertaking fieldwork, fieldwork skills. We also screened anthropological films to inform our discussions of the practical application of ethnography in the field.

September 2015 to July 2016

ARA2118 Gender and Identity in the Middle East

Weekly seminar lead for the module, using concepts discussed during lectures to engage students in critical debate and analysis of various topics including: Islamic feminism, patriarchy and 'tradition', orientalism, masculinities and new media.

Sessions consisted of various teaching and learning methods - group work, student presentations, class discussions of set readings and film screenings, analysis of visual materials.

I was also charged with first marking (summative and formative) the weekly reaction papers and end of term essays.