Lucy Morse



College: College of Humanities
Discipline: English
Department: English


Lucy is a PhD Student in English, specializing in Victorian Literature and Culture.

Her ecohistorical doctoral thesis explores the radical reawakening in the Gladstonian liberalism era to the increased striation, enclosure, and privatization of previously public environments subsumed into estates in the country, and spaces of industry in the metropolis.  Her chapters examine the various forms of nomadism, transgressive noctambulism, and street lecturing and wandering that became both the result of dispossessions, and paradoxically a means of defying the strictures and outright theft of newly enclosed environments for the landed gentry and capitalist ventures both in the historical moment and in the novel’s frame. 

Her current critical work focuses on the literature and nonfiction prose of Thomas Hardy, William Morris, and Charles Dickens, and she has presented conference papers at NAVSA, BAVS, and INCS.  Lucy recently received an Andrew W. Mellon Fellowship to research at the Huntington Library and an Ernest Walder Memorial Scholarship to study at Gladstone's Library.  She is often found reading in a corner of the British Library in London.