Malcolm Richards



College: College of Social Sciences and International Studies
Discipline: Graduate School of Education
Department: College of Social Sciences and International Studies
Research Centre/Unit: Thinking Schools @ Exeter

I am a cis-male. I was born in London to West Indian (Guyana and St Lucia) parents of African descent. I have been educated in the United Kingdom schooling system. I am a former teacher, senior leader, and advisory teacher.  I live with my wife and two daughters in Devon, United Kingdom. I am RastafarI.

Informed by theories of "dialogue" *Freire, 1970), decolonial relationships in teacher education” (Pirbhai-Illich and Martin, 2020), “funds of knowledge” ethnographic approaches (Moll,, 1992) and others, my thesis seeks to conceptualise a framework for dialogue in teacher education and development, grounded by life histories and experiences of Black teachers in UK schools. 

My wider research draws upon a wealth of influences including critical auto-ethnography, critical pedagogies, critical race theory, cultural studies, decolonizing teacher education, dialogic eduational theory, digital tools in education, funds of knowledge, and teacher education and development. 

You can follow me on Twitter: @malcolmrichards