Malcolm Richards

30th June 2021 to 30th June 2021

Summer School - Decolonial Methodologies: International Institute for Cultural Enquiry and Exeter Decolonizing Network

Summary of session with 15 interdisciplinary doctoral candidates from across the United Kingdom

Don't let the cook-up catch! Re/defining our funds of knowledge through processes of de/colonizing relationships with community-focused research

(hosted with Sandhya Dave, community academic)

Within the academy, we (are often mandated) to engage directly with an established 'canon' of literature and pre-existing theoretical frameworks, which both contributed to the imperial projects of colonisation and contemporary relations of oppression. Much of our emergent de/colonising research relies upon engagement with marginalised and oppressed racial groups in the Global North and scholarship from the global South. 

To recognise these accountabilities of community-focused research, which may be counter to our own institutional, academic, and professional 'ethical' objectives, this session considers how we can commit to ongoing processes which define and re/define our own identities, positionalities, and engagement in relation with the communities much of our work relies upon.

As we understand more about histories, knowledge, repertoires, and movements expressed in scholarship which disrupt and resist our colonizing ways, are we simultaneously cognizant of our responsibilities to the dialogues with communities, and values and valuing of the 'funds of â€‹knowledge' we are privileged to access.


1st June 2021 to present

Black Educators Book Club

The Black Educators Book Club is the first in a series of events developed by two doctoral researchers (Camille London-Miyo and Malcolm Richards), hosted in partnership with Stephen Lawrence Research Centre and Race Ethnicity and Education Network (REEN).

Book Club 001 - May 2021 - Bernard Coard, "How the West Indian Child is made educationally subnormal in the British School System"(2021).


Book Club 002 - June 2021 - "Spaces and Places of Black Educational Desire: Rethinking Black Supplementary Schools as a New Social Movement" by Heidi Safia MIrza and Diane Reay (2000).


Book Club 003 - July 2021 -  'Black Male Teachers, White Education Spaces: Troubling School Practices of Othering and Survelience' by Dr Christine Callender (2020)


Series funded by a Researcher-led Initiative (RLI) awards at Graduate School of Education in the University of Exeter.




16th March 2021 to 16th March 2021

In Joseph Emidys footsteps - Cultural Contributions in the West County

International Institute for Cultural Enquiry: University of Exeter - In Joseph Emidy's footsteps: BAME Cultural Contributions in the West County (2021).  

Project team: Dr Ghee Bowman , Malcolm Richards and Charice Bhardwaj (University of Exeter). 

Facilitating dialogue for public consultation on small-scale research project, online seminar and position paper exploring tensions of cultural production, knowledge and development for People of Colour in the South West of England.

1st October 2020 to 31st July 2021

Decolonial Knowledge Production and Anti-Racist Pedagogies: Building a Cross-Disciplinary Community of Practice

EDN (Exeter Decolonizing Network) Student Fellow bi-weekly meetings as part of Exeter Education Incubator 2020/21 : Decolonial Knowledge Production and Anti-Racist Pedagogies: Building a Cross-Disciplinary Community of Practice.


1st October 2020 to 31st July 2021

Cultural Community Mentoring Project (CCMP)

Monthly mentor-mentee meetings as part of Exeter Education Incubator 2020/21 : Cultural Community Mentoring Project (CCMP)


November 2019 to November 2019

MA Education Studies - EFPM914

Develop and delivered lecture to support students in examining how theory and research map onto/intersect with/shape education practice.

Builds upon a previous lecture on research in race and education (from a sociological perspective), and explores how research impacts upon classrooms, with focus upon how education practitioners might work with participants around these issues.