Dr Manal Sabbah

Professional Certification

1st January 2010:

Harvard Online Course Coach Certificate

The Coach Development course is a 4-week intensive course. It is considered an integral part of school improvement process. It is designed for teachers and leaders who have completed a program of study (two online courses) as part of a school/district program. I was nominated by WIDE World, the Harvard Graduate School of Education to become a coach in the schools online courses after completing one course, Teaching for Understanding (tfu). My fees were waived by the Harvard Graduate school for my outstanding performance in the tfu course. Upon completion of the course, participants become Apprentice Coaches. They work with an experienced mentor coach in their nominated course for a semester before assuming full coach responsibilities.

What kinds of teaching methods and tools make for a successful WIDE World coach? In this four week course you will learn how to use the Teaching for Understanding Framework to facilitate online discussions and promote the development of an online learning community. Four Session Course. 

Source: WIDE World Website



Teaching for Understanding

This 12-week course is designed for teachers. It presents the teaching for understanding framework. It helps teachers to clarify their educational goals, link student work to experience, design active learning instructional units, develop effective assessment practices, and reflect on their own teaching practice.

As we enter a new century of the unknown, there are critical skills that students must have in order to excel. The Teaching for Understanding course is an opportunity for teachers to learn teaching strategies that will actively engage your students in the critical-thinking and 21st Century problem-solving skills that are now demanded by society.

Source: WIDE Website




  • The 47th Annual International IATEFL Conference & Exhibition, Liverpool, UK in 2013. I attended the conference.
  • 1st International Conference on Foreign Language Teaching and Applied Linguistics Sarajevo, Bosnia in 2011. I gave an oral presentation on a research paper I completed and attended the conference.
  • 1st General Education Department Conference, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia in 2010. I gave a workshop on how to give successful oral presentations and attended the conference. I was also involved in organizing the conference.
  • Annual International Conference on Education and New Learning Technologies, in Valencia, Spain, in 2010. I attended the conference.
  • The Association of Language Testers in Europe (ALTE) 3rd International Conference, Cambridge, UK, in 2008. I attended the conference.
  • presented an oral workshop for In-house teacher training titled, “Cultivating Creative Teaching Skills: Theories and Strategies” in 2004
  • 1st Annual EPRC/TARA Conference in 2002, Dhahran, Saudi Arabia. I gave an oral presentation and attended the conference.
  • attended and presented in Teacher of Young Children in 2002, in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia
  • attended, Teacher of Young Children in 2001, in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia
  • attended, Teacher of Young Children in 2000, in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia