Marfuga Iskandarova


Telephone: +44 (0) 7742 165455 

College: The Business School

I have a range of experience and an interdisciplinary background in research and teaching, including my Candidate in Law degree from Saratov State Academy of Law (Russian equivalent of PhD, awarded in 2005) and LLM degree in Law and Sustainable Development from the University of Aberdeen (2007).

My first PhD was in Environmental Law focusing on policy and regulation in the field of environmental education (later – education for sustainable development). In my research project I analysed federal and regional policies and legislation that were creating a legal framework for development of the system of environmental education in Russian Federation and Bashkortostan Republic. As a result of my research, I revealed shortcomings and suggested a number of possible amendments in regulatory framework at federal and regional levels.

After several years of teaching at the institutions of higher education in Russia, I was awarded Chevening scholarship by British Council for undertaking my master’s programme (LLM) in the UK which allowed me to develop further my interest in sustainability and environmental regulation combining it with courses in Oil&Gas Law. As a result, I completed a master’s dissertation on sustainable development in the UK energy policy.

In 2009 I was awarded a full studentship for my PhD project on organisational development of renewable energy in the UK by the University of Exeter Business School. My current research project brings together my enduring interests in policy and regulation, energy and emerging technologies and is primarily associated with Science and Technology Studies (STS) with a focus on technological development, especially in relation to new and renewable energy technologies. With a background in Law and Sustainable Development, for my PhD project I am interested in how Science and Technology Studies can help me to approach, and contribute to, the debates in energy policy, especially those concerning the ongoing search for solutions to energy and environmental problems through promotion of low-carbon technologies. My research is an interdisciplinary project, interesting to energy and policy communities, as well as to STS community. The studies in Energy Policy, Innovation, Sociology form the theoretical ground of my research.