Maria Teresa Marangoni

Department: History
Discipline: History
Research Centre/Unit: Centre for Imperial and Global History/WCCEH

Project Summary

I am exploring Global Health discourse and local health governance, more specifically, the current web of relations between the global health framework and how its visions manifest locally. In order to do so, I am taking one particular area of policy, namely childhood immunisation policies, and follow its development starting from the post WWII period and zooming in on the more recent decades. My case study focusses on the Veneto region in Northern Italy. 

The project relies on archival research and on Oral History interviews. By combining and triangulating these different sources I aim to unpack the multiple, interacting layers and power-dynamics involved in the global-local health policy interaction, i.e.  global public discourse, competing professional and personal narratives, and geopolitical forces.

Because of the complexity of the subject matter, this is an interdisciplinary research project, which is solidly grounded in History and is informed by analytical perspectives from Medical Anthropology and Science and Technology Studies. My supervisory team is interdisciplinary and affiliated with the Wellcome Centre for Cultures and Environments of Health.  

Supervisory Team

Lead Supervisor: Professor Dora Vargha

Second Supervisor: Professor Steve Hinchliffe

Wider Research Interests

My recent studies have all been aimed at unpacking epistemological issues underpinning different methodologies, as applied in the various disciplinary areas, in order to be able to identify the best approach for my research questions. These focus on the human-social-environmental interaction in general, how it plays out, and how it changes according to different contexts, across times, spaces and cultural manifestations. 

Oral History, Social History, Ethnographic Biography, Cultural Anthropology and Science and Technology Studies are disciplines from which I am currently drawing; however, I am also interested in issues related to‚ÄčInternational Studies, Human Rights and the global-local interface generally.

I am a member of the Italian Oral History Society, AISO.