Marta Lalik

Graduate School Skills Workshops

19th September 2012:

Exeter Imaging Network Workshop: Bioimage Analysis

19th June 2012:

A generic introduction to SPSS - Statistical Package for Social Sciences


Introduction to Unix/Linux and Perl

June 2011:

Introduction to Electronic Journals

December 2010:

Avoiding PhD Pitfalls - A Guide to Academic Honesty

1st November 2010:

GTA Training

11th October 2010:

Practical Safety Training for PG students involved with Microbiological work

7th October 2010:

SmartStart - an Introduction to PhD

October 2010:

Learning and Teaching in Higher Education Programme - Stage 1


December 2010:

Gateway cloning system

November 2010:

Introduction to the Gateway cloning system

14th October 2010:

Fire Safety Training

6th October 2010:

General Health and Safety Training

Professional Meetings

11th June 2012:

PG Away Day

Chairman of the 2nd session of presentations

April 2011:

Systems Biology Away Day



3rd September 2012:

5th European Conference of APIDOLOGY, Halle an der Saale, Germany


A guest speaker

8th January 2013:

Minia University, Faculty of Agriculture, Egypt

Invited by Prof. Adel Hassan Rushdy, Minia University, Faculty of Agriculture (Egypt) I gave a talk about Nosemosis in honey bee populations, with an emphasis on Nosema ceranae, the current status of the research and methods of prevention.


16th March 2013:

The Devon Beekeepers Association (DBKA), Exeter

I gave a short presentation about the differences between two Nosema species infecting honey bees, namely Nosema ceranae and Nosema apis.