Matthew Philpott MPhys(Hons) AMIntsP

Department: Biomedical Physics
Research Centre/Unit: Physics of Human Perception

Project Summary

  • Project Title: Development of a Computer Interface for Virtual Touch
  • Using hardware developed as part of previous projects, I intend to improve our system of creating virtual fabrics so that they more accuratly represent the real fabrics.  This development is to be achieved by increasing our understand of the sense of touch, and running experiments to compare our current rendering strategy to the real fabrics and other rendering strategies.

Supervisory Team

  • Supervisor:  Dr Ian Summers
  • Mentor: Dr Jenny Patience

Authored Publications/Reports

M. Philpott, I. R. Summers, D. Allerkamp (September 2011) Characteristics of a Tactile Rendering Algorithm, Proceedings of Joint VR Conference of euroVR and EGVE, 2011, Pages 77-79

Matthew Philpott, Ian R. Summers (June 2012) Evaluating a Multipoint Tactile Renderer for Virtual Textured Surfaces, Proceedings of Eurohaptics 2012, 121-126