Megan Larmer


Telephone: +1 773 398 7894 

College: College of Social Sciences and International Studies
Discipline: Sociology and Philosophy
Department: Anthropology
Research Centre/Unit: SPA

I am an anthropologist interested in the ways that food mediates, delineates, and epitomizes the relationship of societies to the landscape and to each other.

My research site is New York's Hudson Valley, where I am employed by Glynwood (an agricultural NGO) as Director of their Regional Food Program. Study of the economic, social, and ecological relationships that energize this region's food system present an opportunity to explore tense political dualities: rurality/urbanity, tradition/innovation, embeddedness/commodification, etc. As an engaged anthropologist, my research aims to increase the viability of small-scale farming and the vitality of rural communities.

Previously, I earned my MA in Food Anthropology at SOAS; directed strategy and network engagement at Slow Food USA; managed a large farmers market; worked in the restaurant industry for a decade as everything but a chef; and put my BA in Theatre Arts from UCLA to use in little black boxes across Chicago.